Our “backyard” is a 250,000-gallon, outdoor swimming pool.  Heated year-round by solar panels in the summer and high-efficiency heaters in the winter to a minimum temperature of 81 degrees, our pool is perfect for exercising, recreating, or lounging.  Intended to be “two pools in one,” the design combines two 25-yard, “side-by-side” pools joined centrally, is lighted for night swimming, open during Club hours, and is chemically controlled by an automated system to ensure safe and comfortable water on a continuous basis.

With six, 25-yard lap lanes on one side, a centrally-located 4 to 4 1/2-foot area used by our personal trainers, aerobics classes, and instructors, and a 2 to 3 1/2-foot shallow end on the other side, this pool truly is designed for use by everyone.  The Club offers swim instruction (private and group, adult and child), water aerobics and aqua-jog classes, and spring and summer poolside parties and social events.

Aqua Jog

Aqua Jog is held in the lap-lane side of the pool every Wednesday and Friday morning.  This fun and invigorating exercise class is geared towards all fitness levels.  Joggers use an aqua belt throughout the class to provide added buoyancy for a variety of deep-water exercises cued by a certified water instructor.  This is a GREAT overall workout.

Youth Swim

Swim lessons are offered during the summer months beginning in mid-June and running through August.  Morning, afternoon, and evening lessons are available!  Sessions are 30 minutes long, Monday through Thursday and can be group or private depending on your preference.  All levels are welcome!  Year-round lessons are offered depending on instructor availability.

SCUBA Lessons

Have you ever wanted to explore the ocean?  It’s FUN!  It’s EASY!  It’s time to enter the wonderful underwater world as a certified diver.  Certification classes are regularly scheduled at Lakeridge.

Membership Information

Club Memberships

The Club’s standard membership is available to members on a month-to-month or annual basis.