Lakeridge has two indoor racquetball courts, three outdoor, lighted tennis courts, one of which is lined for two Pickleball courts and full-court basketball as well as a movable backboard in one of our racquetball courts for indoor play when the weather isn’t cooperating.


With three outdoor, lighted tennis courts, Lakeridge has plenty of space for recreational play.  For our more competitive players, some non-affiliated U.S.T.A. teams and players practice and play throughout the tennis season.  Courts may be reserved 24 hours in advance simply by contacting the Service Desk.


Lakeridge Athletic Club offers two, indoor racquetball courts for recreational and competitive play.  Both have glass on the back wall and are also lined for squash and have attachments for Wallyball (volleyball but played off the walls).  One court has a basketball backboard that can be raised or lowered for either shooting baskets when the outdoor court isn’t available or for racquetball.  Courts may be reserved at the Service Desk and all courts are open club hours.  Contact us for more racquetball information.


Lakeridge offers both indoor and outdoor basketball facilities.  Located on one of our tennis courts, our outside court is lined and has portable backboards that can be moved into play and lowered for our younger players.  Inside, one of our racquetball courts doubles as a small, shoot-around court for indoor play, also with a glass backboard.


Both of our racquetball courts can be converted to Wallyball.  With a net stretched across the middle of the court, the rules for Wallyball are similar to volleyball but with the additional caveat of playing the ball off the wall.

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