• Corporate Membership

    Corporate Membership

    To qualify for this membership, a corporation/company/business must have a minimum of five (5) memberships on the corporate membership (a membership can be an individual, couple, or family) and must pay the dues for the entire membership on one check. Participating members will regularly be required to verify continued and current  employment via company pay-stubs, etc.  Memberships on the corporate membership are considered standard memberships and receive all standard membership benefits and are available on a month-to-month, annual, or longer-term basis.  Additional discounts on the membership fees may be given depending on the total number of members joining along with various other factors.

  • Summer Membership

    Summer Membership

    The summer membership is a short-term, pre-paid membership offered for a limited time during the summer months only and is a great “test-drive” of the club as there is no long-term commitment.  We begin offering three-month memberships each year on April 1st and two-month memberships on August 1st. The last memberships are sold to ensure expiration dates by October 15th.  The membership is available as an individual, couple or family and is offered to our seniors and senior ½ & ½’s as well.  This membership entitles the holder to use of all club facilities during regular business hours, is considered a temporary standard membership, and affords the member the option at the end of the term to “roll-over” into a standard one-year membership with no initiation fees.  Call the Service Desk for details about this popular summer program.

  • Pass Membership

    Pass Membership

    Lakeridge offers extremely short-term one month and one week pass memberships. All pass memberships entitle the holder to use of all club facilities during regular business hours, are paid in full in advance, are individual memberships only, and may be purchased an unlimited amount of times. Call for current pricing and special offers.